Black History Month 2017: Reflections

As I reflect back on BHM 2017, I am humbled to see so many people responding positively to what is really another facet of Canadian history and the Canadian experience. I have said it before and I will say it again, BHM is a time to honour the achievements and excellence of a black people who have risen and keeps on rising above the previous and, more importantly, current degradation.… Read More Black History Month 2017: Reflections

2017: “But what can we do?!”

Some days it doesn’t feel like enough. In fact, a lot of days it feels like the little things I do aren’t enough to make any difference at all. But if none of us do anything because all of us feel like it’s not enough, then nothing will ever get better. We need EVERYBODY to play a part: liberal, conservative, Republican, Democrat, independent… EVERYBODY. If we ALL do what we can, I promise we can have #ABetterNextYear.… Read More 2017: “But what can we do?!”

The Birth of a Nation and the Legacy of Nat Turner’s Rebellion

“Perhaps most importantly, we desperately need stories about rebellion to remind us that moral appeals and reform movements were not enough to end slavery. Slavery was an economic, political, and social institution with deep, powerful roots, and those who benefited from it were not going to let it go without a fight. Ultimately, we need a film to remind us that there were people who loved themselves and the black community enough to risk their lives to destroy a corrupt and oppressive system.” – Leslie M. Alexander… Read More The Birth of a Nation and the Legacy of Nat Turner’s Rebellion